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To organise the perfect little wine gathering, reception, or celebration don't hesitate to drop us a mail to see how we could host. Our bar is a cosy, intimate and truly special place, with an award winning wine list to accompany!

Here's what booking a large event with us will look like
1. Send your large party enquiries to or make a booking enquiry  directly through our booking portal on our homepage. Make sure to note the date, time, and how many people you expect to join. 
2. We will draw up a bespoke minimum spend for you and send a pre autherisation via email for you to fill and confirm your party.

3. Once confirmed we'll set up a quick 20min call or meet at the bar to finalsie food drink and service options for your event. Every event is special and unique to us, so the details here are crucial.
4. Your all done, get ready for the big day and send out those invites!

- Minimum spends are accumulated on one bill for your party and are inclusive of food, drink, and service.  There are no hidden costs.
- Events which are cancelled within one week of the event date will incur the full p
re-autherisation charge
- Any complimentary tastings delivered will i
ncur a £50 fee upon any event cancellation
- We do not permit decorations which require adhesives or glitter
Seating Capacity: Up to 30
Standing Capacity: Up to 60
Pre-authorisation: £250
Min Spend: £1250 (negotiable)

Our intimate cellar is just perfect for gatherings, tastings, and special events. For wine lovers, this much sought after space comes with knowledgeable and thoughtful service. The space is perfect for large format gatherings, either for seated or standing events. 

Why not start the night with a wine tasting? Check out our tasting options here
Indoor Seating Capacity: Up to 60
Outdoor Seating Capacity: Up to 16
Standing Capacity: Up to 100
Pre-authorisation: £1000
Min Spend: £5000 (negotiable)

Our entire Wine Bar can be hired out for events, though we will require at least 2 months advance confirmation of the event to inform our regular guests and re-allocate existing bookings. 

Once your pre-auth has been confirmed, a complimentary tasting soon after is advisable to preselect wines for your event.

Do please note that for both of the above hire options one final bill will be presented at the end of your event.
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